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Sketchy as the information has been related to the Officer Darren Wilson case, the questions about the actions of one of Tulsa Police Department's officers isn't as cloudy. Sgt. Shannon Kepler was recently bonded out of jail on the charges of Murder, for which he will stand trial alone since his wife's charges have been declined by the District Attorney's Office of Tulsa County. 

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What Lurks In The Night?

by Robert S. Grinstead

The night in a small town, or the largest of American cities shares a common thread, that of the knight riders in blue who are tasked to watch over the people of their communities.

Night after night, these brave souls put on their uniforms, pin on their badges, lace up their boots and strap on their weapon. Some just walk out the door after saying goodbye to their only companion, such as the loyal and faithful cat, or dog. Others embrace their loved one for a kiss and a quick prayer before walking out the door for what they pray won't be the last time. 

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ANTIFA Threats

By Stacey White

When Nikita Khrushchev made the statement that the communists would destroy America from within, it was a statement made not so much from the hypothetical so much, as he knew already how much groundwork had already been laid in America. 

The McCarthy commission was seen by many Americans as a headhunt for anyone who had the slightest beliefs in the communist ideology. What was so wrong with the idea of finding communist sympathizers you ask? In truth many Americans were wrongfully accused, and in some cases lost everything because of the blind hatred for communism. One might ask today who was right and who was wrong, and the answer comes as an echo of those days of the McCarthy commission, whereas members of that commissioned warned against civil unrest by those who would oppose a capitalist government, much like ANTIFA groups today. Yes ANTIFA groups are against any established government, but in truth they're suggesting and supporting some communist theories blindly out of their hatred for the American government. Click here to continue.