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What Lurks In The Night?

by Robert S. Grinstead

The night in a small town, or the largest of American cities shares a common thread, that of the knight riders in blue who are tasked to watch over the people of their communities.

Night after night, these brave souls put on their uniforms, pin on their badges, lace up their boots and strap on their weapon. Some just walk out the door after saying goodbye to their only companion, such as the loyal and faithful cat, or dog. Others embrace their loved one for a kiss and a quick prayer before walking out the door for what they pray won't be the last time. 

The stark difference of the human being behind that badge is as different as the day is from that good night which they ride into, possibly for the last time. One officer could be the salty veteran who might be coming towards the end of their career, who does everything they can to stay away from the crap magnets they are annoyed by, they call rookies. To the run them down forces of energetic warriors who just started in the profession and goes straight into dark abyss with little fear. All with a job to do and an oath to uphold, they won't dishonor themselves or the badge upon their chest. 

These are the things that cop-haters don't think about when they run through the streets and loot the businesses of their communities, not at all. They protest the evil that is the badge and loudly proclaimed that all who wear the badge is bad, most especially if they've taking actions against certain people of ethnic origins. 

The haters don't think about that family photo in the wallet of the officer, proudly depicting the happy life of a small family who depends upon the meager pay, happy to work around the long hours the job mandates. Even more happy when their loved one comes home alive after their shift. 

Every prowler call, domestic dispute call, traffic stop. Evil lies in wait for the moment to take another hero from this earth, another father, husband, wife, mother, brother, or sister away from their loved ones. Never a consideration of the uninformed who selfishly and maliciously hate the public servant who they only see as a pig. 

Respect to you all, brothers and sisters alike. You wear it with pride until the day you can no longer wear it, then pass it on to the next generation and teach them to wear it with as much pride as you did. 

Putting Light a Subject!

by Robert Grenstead

Throwing caution to the wind is a term relatively common to most any person who walks the streets today, for we are all less trusting of others than we were even a decade ago. This is most certainly true to the men and women in blue. 

When I was a rookie I was a recently separated soldier with only military experience to guide me, rookie was a definite understatement. To that I can say that I had the greatest bunch of mentors to guide me through the learning experience, which not only trained me to be a good police officer, but to be a good man as well. 

They taught me to trust nobody out on the streets, while at the same time they taught me to rely on my fellow officers. The thin blue line was something more than a punch line, or catch phrase. Today things aren't quite so clear, even among fellow officers. 

It seems that the fellowship of cops has given away to a more selfish and self serving professional who is in fact not even remotely professional, as for the most they lack that team player Esprit de corps. 

Perhaps it's the times, perhaps it's just my unfounded salty dog perception of society. Regardless the visual, if more than one person has the same rendition there is most certainly something to consider.